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A CEO has the ultimate responsibility for an organization’s strategy , but can hardly be expected to formulate it alone, and even less to implement it singlehanded.

How to think strategically, and transform vision into action at all levels of the organization ?

Stratech/TheProjectOffice offers workshops and seminars that help your initiatives to transform strategy and plans into results including:

  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • Team based Competitive Mapping (TBCM) Workshops
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Process Seminar
  • Competitive Simulation (BusinessWARS)

Team based Competitive Mapping Workshops developed by Pedro C Ribeiro received the following comments:

  • The Journal of AGSI (Association for Global Strategic Information) - England
  • "Pedro C. Ribeiro's method allows....to follow steps that may reveal impending collapses in order to warn the CEOs"

  • Veille Magazine (Le journal professionnel de l'intelligence économique) - France
  • "Team-based Competitive Mapping...appliqué avec succès au Brèsil, vise à identifier les besoins en informations dans un environment concurrentiel difficile et changeant"

  • Association for Global Strategic Information Conference - Bath, UK
  • "...Team-based Competitive Mapping is an interfunctional approach that emphasizes continuous competitive learning and identification of information needs of the organization"

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